Monday, April 5, 2010

Week 13 - Pretty in Pink

This week I started two pieces of art, and it worked out well because I only finished one of them this week.  I scanned this much earlier, but the colors were distorted and much lighter than the original and I just could not post the lighter scan, it looked so pale.  I wanted to make this piece vibrant and alive, and the picture needed to represent what I had been working to show on paper.

I love Stargazers, they are my favorite flower along with roses, so it only seemed fitting that I paint one finally.  This next week I plan to complete the other piece, and there will be a small start on a series.  Spring is here, Easter weekend was fabulous, and I am inspired. 

There is something special about spring, animals become frisky, kids in school get all excited and distracted thinking about summer, and the rest of us stare out the window at work and wonder why the weather is perfect while we work and then gets stormy for our ride home?  It does make me curious, but aside form that I look forward to weekends and spending much more time outside.  Maybe I will venture out to paint by the river this spring.  For those of you itching for spring and summer, let your creative wings spread and do something new, something bold. 
Be brave and create!


  1. I love it!! Bright and beautiful it screams joy! This will be perfect on my daughters pink wall in her pink room! Will have to pop by and pick it up soon. Love the close up, love the color stunning!

  2. So cute, my other niece decided that she wanted a pink picture too! I think I will need to come up with a pair of paintings for them, but then I really would not know what to do for your little man.