Monday, April 26, 2010

Week 16 - Summer Abstract and Prosperity

These are my newest pieces of art.  I like these styles of art a lot, and I plan on creating many more of them.

Here are some of the pictures of the process of the Summer Abstract process.
Ink and water are poured over flowers, leaves, and feathers.
Remove items after ink is dry. Airbrush to blend. and then highlight the areas you want to bring out with ink stippling.
Once finished sign, frame, and hang.

Have a great week, and keep on creating.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Week 15 - "Think of me, with pleasant thoughts"

 "Think of me with pleasant thoughts"
a Chinese brush painting by Dawn Marie Black

This is a study in procrastination.  Not my best attribute, and one that I'm actively changing.  This week I spent time working on multiple projects, which would have been great except that I have not finished any of them.  So, tonight I began a completely new project, a Chinese Brush painting of Pansy's.  I have been considering working on the same subject in different mediums, and this is the second installment of Pansy flowers.
I have been working to complete three different series of paintings.  One series that I have a good start on are my floral and botanical pieces.  I have enjoyed adding to this group and will continue to do so.  The second series that I am working to build back up are my abstract/surreal pieces.  I have many ideas, and need to put them all on canvas.  The third series has been more of a challenge, and my focus for this group has shifted between two different ideas.  One idea are my Sumi-ink or Chinese brush painting pieces. But that seems to be more of just a style of painting rather than a subject matter so I have also thought of Adventure type works.  I have two pieces that were previously completed, but are no longer available to show and I would need to begin this series from scratch. 
Well, for the moment I do not need to worry, but eventually I will need to have pieces enough to fill three cases; Two 5' X 5' cases and one 5' X 10' case. Small goals but attainable.  These are the small steps that I have learned from my Franklin Covey leadership sessions.  There are other things that I have learned from My time in Phoenix, dreams that you hold onto for longer than 7 years will come about.  I believe it is because if you are holding onto your dream that long, you are taking the small steps to make it happen.  I think we can all take heart from this, keep a hold of your dreams, protect them from the naysayers.  Those of you who are in business for your self should know how hard you need to protect your vision from negative people, this is true for all of us.  Negative thoughts lead to negative actions and so forth and so on, keep thinking positively and planning in the same manner.  I will fill the cases, and move onto hosting shows in other arenas, and I will only grow from there.  During this time I will practice and hone my skills, I will improve on my procrastination as well.  I like to encourage you all to paint, as if you are all motivated to put paint to canvas.  There are other ways to create though, and you are all artists in your own lives creating beauty from what life has given you.  So, my encouraging words for the week?  Keep your dream protected, but keep dreaming.  Take the small steps to attain your goal, and do not let anyone take your dream from you.  They are not taking the steps, and maybe they have given up on their own dreams do not let them squelch yours.  Be brave, and live your dreams!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Week 14 - Refined Beauty & Arcadia


This week was a very interesting and fun week for me; I completed these two pieces of art, and began to work on a couple of other pieces. There are moments in our lives that inspire us, or drive us to do things that might be above our normal self. Take advantage of these moments in your life, they may become defining moments for you. A dream is born, and then comes action, that movement puts our dreams into motion.

I watched "The Blindside" again tonight, and I was again inspired by one family who stepped out of their comfort zone to help another, in so doing they were all changed. I may have smaller defining moments, but one day I may come to a greater decision like they faced at that moment I want to know that I planned to give my all, that I would step up and become greater than myself. I think that you all have the same possibilities in your lives as well, little things that test who you are. These little things may be the building blocks that will help you become the person that you always knew you could be. I am taking small steps in the art world, and building a collection, and setting deadlines so I can meet them. One day these little steps will prove to be a good discipline, for the future I am working to create for myself.

I hope that you can relate, whether your dream is related to art or some other goal. Take the small steps to prepare yourself for the larger steps that will come into play. Take the leap when the greater moments come, even if they seem to be more than what you feel you can handle, rise to the occasion. Let your greatness shine. Do not let fear hold you back. Have a great week, and keep on creating.

Click here to see more lilies in soft pastel.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Week 13 - Pretty in Pink

This week I started two pieces of art, and it worked out well because I only finished one of them this week.  I scanned this much earlier, but the colors were distorted and much lighter than the original and I just could not post the lighter scan, it looked so pale.  I wanted to make this piece vibrant and alive, and the picture needed to represent what I had been working to show on paper.

I love Stargazers, they are my favorite flower along with roses, so it only seemed fitting that I paint one finally.  This next week I plan to complete the other piece, and there will be a small start on a series.  Spring is here, Easter weekend was fabulous, and I am inspired. 

There is something special about spring, animals become frisky, kids in school get all excited and distracted thinking about summer, and the rest of us stare out the window at work and wonder why the weather is perfect while we work and then gets stormy for our ride home?  It does make me curious, but aside form that I look forward to weekends and spending much more time outside.  Maybe I will venture out to paint by the river this spring.  For those of you itching for spring and summer, let your creative wings spread and do something new, something bold. 
Be brave and create!