Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weeks 11 & 12 - Sunflowers

Last week I was unable to post a piece of new art, so I'm making it up to you this week with two different pieces.  Both of these are sunflowers, done in different mediums each showing a different personality.  Yes, artwork has personality, which is why some pieces grab you more than others.  Beyond technical application, balance of light and shadow, the general flow of the piece, and the general subject of the piece; there is something in each piece of art that either resonates with the viewer or it doesn't.  Some people create art for political reasons, others for aesthetics to fit within a certain decor, but what ever the reason if  the piece does not capture you it just might not be speaking your language.
I have gotten tripped up before on the technical details of a piece, my drawings really tie me into knots thinking that I haven't gotten things into the perfect alignment or the proper shading...but still within the piece there is still a voice that cry's out to be heard.

Here is the Chinese brush painting version of a sunflower.  I would like to practice this a lot more, it's a simple flower, but the colors in the petals could be a bit more yellow next time.

Since this week has been all about sun flowers I thought I would upload an older sunflower colored pencil piece that I had done.  It is a small piece, but it has character.

This piece and the Kansas Sunflower are available for purchase through my website.  These three pieces are very different, and yet they are all of the same type of flower.  One is simple, another dramatic and the other is more playful, but each of these embodies a part of the flower's essence that can be felt.  Summer is coming...the flowers will be blooming.

Keep creating, and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you! 

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Week 10 - Dragon fly in Cherry Tree

I finally combined two different items into one composition, this is a first in my Chinese Brush painting pieces.  I can find many things that I would like to do better in this piece, but all in all I like the combination and the colors.  
There was a combination of water color and Sumi-ink on this piece, in order to have color in it.  I like bold statement of the black and white with the bright splashes of color. 
There is not a lot to be said this week regarding technique, or how to accomplish this type of art.  There are books and teachers that know so much more than I.  This week I wanted to focus on the passion.  There are things in this world that spark our imagination and awe, these are the things that move us.  It is important that we as artists remember that each piece should not just be a reflection of what we see, but of what we feel.  
Let me also clarify my definition of artist.  I believe that we all have a bit of an artist in us.  Those who bake and cook are culinary artists, there are plenty of different crafts that are artists.  Scientists are artistic with formulas and creating different things in their field, those who work with math and numbers can also be on the artistic side.  People who write, and speak eloquently are using words to create pieces of art.  People in customer service can see their work in action in diffusing situations, that is an art.  So, I see that there are all kinds of artists in this world, and that we are all moved by different things. 
This week is brand new, take a moment to enjoy the sun and the beginning signs of spring, or at least the hope of it's pending arrival. Focus on the positive, let go of the negative and create.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week 9 - Silhouette Elk in Moon

Silhouette Elk in Moon (9 X 12)

I love painting with my airbrush!  It takes a bit to set up and clean, but the effects are fantastic.  This piece is much smaller than the other moon I did in the past, along with the surface being different as well.  The moon detail was not easy to create with the highlights and shadows, I will have to do another piece to work more on that.  My main focus this time was in the sky, making the back ground different with the leaves in the back ground.  I like putting the nature into the sky to add interest and beauty.   

I primarily used Lascaux acrylics for this piece. They dry quickly and are opaque so I can layer colors in order to sharpen lines where I want them sharp and yet I am able to have the haze as well with the blending capability of the airbrush.  I used my Iwata Eclipse on this piece, I have much better control and can get sharper lines than with my other air brush.  Quality products are much better to work with.  

For all of you artists out there, create the things you love. Remember that not all artists paint with brushes, some prefer the palates of food, words, drama, math, or music.  We are all artists, and all of us have things to create. Have a great week!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Week 8 - Hybiscus


I have been busy working on another piece, and I was hoping to be able to post it this week, but The best laid schemes of mice and men....

This however, is my first attempt at the hibiscus, and I am happy with how it turned out for being my first try.  I love flowers, and feel that their essence should be caught in many different art forms.   Spring is coming, and I am waiting with baited breath, to smell deeply the freshly washed air that comes after the spring rains.  Chinese brush painting is a fun and loose way of painting for me, it helps me not get to tight and wrapped up in the details.  The flowing ink that can not be erased or fixed, the delicate paper that soaks up the ink and water, the art form that has been around for centuries, it is perfect beauty.  

I think my next attempt at the hibiscus I will be a bouquet of flowers, that could be beautiful.  I have also decided to do the same picture in multiple mediums to see how the different mediums impact the subject.  I think I will need to locate a hibiscus photo that I can begin to paint in various mediums.  Have a great week and take the time to appreciate the beauty around you!