Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Week 10 - Dragon fly in Cherry Tree

I finally combined two different items into one composition, this is a first in my Chinese Brush painting pieces.  I can find many things that I would like to do better in this piece, but all in all I like the combination and the colors.  
There was a combination of water color and Sumi-ink on this piece, in order to have color in it.  I like bold statement of the black and white with the bright splashes of color. 
There is not a lot to be said this week regarding technique, or how to accomplish this type of art.  There are books and teachers that know so much more than I.  This week I wanted to focus on the passion.  There are things in this world that spark our imagination and awe, these are the things that move us.  It is important that we as artists remember that each piece should not just be a reflection of what we see, but of what we feel.  
Let me also clarify my definition of artist.  I believe that we all have a bit of an artist in us.  Those who bake and cook are culinary artists, there are plenty of different crafts that are artists.  Scientists are artistic with formulas and creating different things in their field, those who work with math and numbers can also be on the artistic side.  People who write, and speak eloquently are using words to create pieces of art.  People in customer service can see their work in action in diffusing situations, that is an art.  So, I see that there are all kinds of artists in this world, and that we are all moved by different things. 
This week is brand new, take a moment to enjoy the sun and the beginning signs of spring, or at least the hope of it's pending arrival. Focus on the positive, let go of the negative and create.


  1. Most definitely gives me a wispy fun feeling!

  2. Thank you! I will be working on the balance more in the next pieces that I combine two different subjects.