Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week 9 - Silhouette Elk in Moon

Silhouette Elk in Moon (9 X 12)

I love painting with my airbrush!  It takes a bit to set up and clean, but the effects are fantastic.  This piece is much smaller than the other moon I did in the past, along with the surface being different as well.  The moon detail was not easy to create with the highlights and shadows, I will have to do another piece to work more on that.  My main focus this time was in the sky, making the back ground different with the leaves in the back ground.  I like putting the nature into the sky to add interest and beauty.   

I primarily used Lascaux acrylics for this piece. They dry quickly and are opaque so I can layer colors in order to sharpen lines where I want them sharp and yet I am able to have the haze as well with the blending capability of the airbrush.  I used my Iwata Eclipse on this piece, I have much better control and can get sharper lines than with my other air brush.  Quality products are much better to work with.  

For all of you artists out there, create the things you love. Remember that not all artists paint with brushes, some prefer the palates of food, words, drama, math, or music.  We are all artists, and all of us have things to create. Have a great week!


  1. love the natural leaves in the night sky. Gives it a very mystical and fun feel. Great piece has a very live feeling.

  2. I love the fantasy of adding natural things into places in my pieces that normally these items would not be found. It adds mystery and makes you think and wonder, what might we all be missing? Be open to seeing things in a new light.