Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nightmare before X-mas

This poster was from another art show I was involved with in Salt Lake City.  This is the poster with just my picture on it, the other one was the main poster for this underground event.
Before the blog becomes wildly popular, I thought I would be good to put in the history of where I started and where I intend to go.
"Dreams" acrylic abstract (Private Collection)
This piece I created with my airbrush.  There was no thougth out plan for this piece, it was all spontenaity and I just went with the feelings. 
"Masque" ink and colored pencil.
This was piece was created by design.  I love masks and really though about making one look like it was alive.  I have begun another, but it is not yet finished.
"Suspended Movement" acrylic
This piece is one of my favorites, and was in both of my shows.  It's fun and carefree. 

This was the main poster for this event. 
I missed the event, my mother had passed away the week before and the funeral was on this day.  We had lots of family and friends in town, and I was in no condition to smile and chat with people.  From what I heard it was a fanstastic event, and that those who came were thrilled.  Laura McBride was the main organizer of it, and I'm sure that she has gone on to do many new things.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gallery Stroll

My first art show collection.
Grey Girl - Private collection - Watercolor

Sadness - Private Collection - Watercolor
Wildflowers - Private Collection - Ink Airbrush

Suspended Movement - Acrylic 
Fractured - Watercolor

The Rose - Private Collection - Water color
These pieces comprise my first time in an art show.  I was invited and was able to submit my art a bit last minute.  These pieces were framed, and able to be hung on the wall, so they were chosen.  Quite a few of them now have found new homes.  Some were donated, others auctioned off, I hope they have found great homes.  I was written up, by a small local magazine and had a great night. 

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Winter Abstract

Winter Abstract - Ink 16" x 20"

This is my second piece of art in this style, and it has become a great motivator for me.  I have decided to begin the long project of scanning my artwork for the ability to sell prints.  I love the colors of this piece it  is unique and beautiful, it make people think fairies are hiding somewhere in the mist, just behind one of the flowers.  I have done a couple of other pieces that were inspired by this one, and it's predecessor, and others will be inspired by them in the future.
 Now that it is scanned I will look to have it framed.  Many thanks to Becky for encouraging me to pursue this dream of mine.