Sunday, April 11, 2010

Week 14 - Refined Beauty & Arcadia


This week was a very interesting and fun week for me; I completed these two pieces of art, and began to work on a couple of other pieces. There are moments in our lives that inspire us, or drive us to do things that might be above our normal self. Take advantage of these moments in your life, they may become defining moments for you. A dream is born, and then comes action, that movement puts our dreams into motion.

I watched "The Blindside" again tonight, and I was again inspired by one family who stepped out of their comfort zone to help another, in so doing they were all changed. I may have smaller defining moments, but one day I may come to a greater decision like they faced at that moment I want to know that I planned to give my all, that I would step up and become greater than myself. I think that you all have the same possibilities in your lives as well, little things that test who you are. These little things may be the building blocks that will help you become the person that you always knew you could be. I am taking small steps in the art world, and building a collection, and setting deadlines so I can meet them. One day these little steps will prove to be a good discipline, for the future I am working to create for myself.

I hope that you can relate, whether your dream is related to art or some other goal. Take the small steps to prepare yourself for the larger steps that will come into play. Take the leap when the greater moments come, even if they seem to be more than what you feel you can handle, rise to the occasion. Let your greatness shine. Do not let fear hold you back. Have a great week, and keep on creating.

Click here to see more lilies in soft pastel.

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