Monday, February 15, 2010

Week 6 - Light House


This week the art will have to be photography.  It is not my strength, but I do love to take lots and lots of pictures, usually they are kept to pain from.  These will be a part of that arsenal of artistic pieces to inspire and just to be painted.
Today was a glorious day, it was filled with wind and water, both of these put a fire in my soul.  I love the ocean, and today the sounds and smells were intoxicating.  The winds were blowing, but we were not tossed about in a big messy blob.  The light house was a hike, and my legs were rubbery climbing back up those three hundred steps, my hubby practically ran up the stairs.  He is very strong, and has long legs, I was left behind to climb at my own pace, it was fun. 
Next week I plan to create two pieces of art, in different mediums, in hopes of catching up from the piece of art I would like ot have created for this week.  Vacations should be relaxing, and inspirational, this one was both.
Remember to frame your photographs as if they are the piece of art themselves.  It is easier to create fantastic art from great photographs, and maybe you will learn that you have a knack for photography as well. - Live Life Loud!

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