Monday, February 8, 2010

Week 5 - Purple Rose


This week I have not felt well, and this piece was the closest to being complete.  The deadline came upon me fast this weekend.  I am still working on color saturation and yet not over working the piece.  I will be painting this flower again as I think there is more to show, more depth that has not really come through on this one.  I do like the pinks and purples in the petals though, I did not want to get a flat look with only a few shades of purple.  There was so much more color in that rose.  Originally this flower was given to my sister by a very young admirer, years ago.  It was such a lovely bud though I begged to take pictures to be able to capture it in paint.  Thank you my sister and young admirers everywhere, young love is a beautiful inspiration.  Roses are a classic flower, and I will continue to do more.  Have a great week and paint the things you love!

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