Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pencil Sketches

Cactus with Butterflies
Graphite pencil 15" x 18"


White colored pencil on black board 16" x 13 7/8"

Circus Elephant

Graphite pencil 7.5" x 10.25"

Lady at the Foot of the Cross

White colored pencil on black board 23" x 22"

White Roses

White colored pencil on black board 18.75" x 17"

These are a sampling of pencil drawings that I love.  My favorite is still the White Roses, I love flowers of all types.  Pencil drawings are a labor of love for me, and I take time in completing them.  It may be a while before I post more pencil drawings.
The signature on Carmen is actually the singers signature.  I had friends who knew him and got it signed for me.  I was excited to have that particular autograph, it's the only one that I have like that.  I'm sure that pencil drawings will never become my signature piece, but I do like to branch out and express myself in different mediums all the time.  These are the more conservative artistic voice.

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